It all started with a game and games are of course at the heart of Crazy Chicken.

Over the years numerous games for a number of different platforms and a variety of genres have been published – you will find a list of the games sorted by genre for the PC below with the other platform's games listed by platform rather than genre.
In the left hand navigation bar you will find a chronological listing of all the games.

Clicking on a game's name brings you to a description for that individual game complete with screen shots and a number of extras where available like a video, demo version, free online game, downloadable extras etc. There is also a link to the download of the full version in the digital shop.

Please note that not all of the games were published as multi-language versions which means that some are only available in German. In the digital shop section the games are marked accordingly. However, you don't need to be a linguistic genius to be able to play a German language shooter game - if you have played one you know how the others work as well! Apart from the adventures all the games are light on text and big on the fun (the adventures of course being heavier on the text AND fun)!

Crazy Chicken Hunt
Crazy Chicken 2
Crazy Chicken 3
Winter Edition
Crazy Chicken X
Director's Cut

The Good, The Egg and the Ugly
Heart Of Tibet
The Winged Pharaoh

Pharaoh's Treasure
Der Schatz des Pharao

Crazy Chicken Kart
Crazy Chicken Kart Extra
Crazy Chicken Kart 2
Crazy Chicken Kart 3
Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder

Carnival Wii
Crazy Chicken Soccer
Crazy Chicken Skybotz
Crazy Chicken Pinball
Jewel Of Darkness

Carnival DS
Crazy Chicken DS
Star Karts DS
Jewel Of Darkness DS
Pharao's Treasure DS

Crazy Chicken DELUXE
Crazy Chicken Quest

English versions are coming soon!

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