Crazy Chicken Jump'n Run - submerged!
Ever since its mysterious disappearance the legendary kingdom of Atlantis has not disappeared from people's awareness.
For millennia people wondered what had happened to the continent. The legend of a lost civilization has already enthralled generations of treasure hunters and explorers.

The Crazy Chicken answers the call of adventure once more and starts out to find the lost kingdom. It is about time to literally get to the bottom of the mystery of Atlantis.
Many new dangers and challenges are lurking above and below the surface that make the hearts of Jump'n Run fans beat faster.

Hide system requirements!

  • Pentium IV 1,4 GHz Processor
  • Windows XP /Wondows Vista; DirectX 9.0 c/Windows 7
  • 512 MB RAM; (1 GB Vista)
  • DirectX 9.0c- Video Card
  • DirectX 9.0c- Soundcard
  • ca. 800 MB Hard Disc Space

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