Crazy Chicken loves gaming consoles more than anything. Now it has conquered the Nintendo DSTM und has tons of exciting games in tow!
Crazy Chicken DS is only the beginning. It is more than a mere game - it is a compilation of five significant games with the Crazy Chicken.

  • Crazy Chicken Classic is an adaptation of one of the most successful Crazy Chicken shooter games and offers solid shooting fun with the stylus.
  • Crazy Chicken Gems is an original 3-matching game with shooter elements. If you want to get the most points, you should use the stylus deliberately.
  • Crazy Chicken Weights is all about accuracy as the weight of the same color as the respective chicken's shirt must hit the chicken directly in order cling to it.
  • Crazy Chicken Hotwire is racing game with a different approach and an exciting tightrope walk for the player.

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