No love for speed limits: Get ready for the fastest Crazy Chicken ever exclusively for PlayStation®2!

Crazy Chicken Fun Kart 2008 delivers the fast-paced racing fun of the Crazy Chicken Kart games to the PlayStation®2. Whether you are young or young-at-heart this kart racing game offers high quality entertainment for the whole family.

Crazy Chicken and six of its wacky friends are having hot races against time or each other on lots of new and varied race tracks. Each of the seven selectable drivers has its own strong points and quirks.

Eight race tracks set in various terrains and three engine classes make for great diversity. One challenge chases after the other.
To win the Championship there are tons of power-ups like the Mist Ball or the Super Missile to help you slow down your opponents. The Duel Mode allows two players to play against each other in the Time Trails or the Championships.

Crazy Chicken Fun Kart 2008 features numerous possibilities to experience the ultimate racing fun!

(German version)


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