In his newest adventure, Crazy Chicken is lead deep underground on his quest for a mysterious treasure. Many dangers lie in his way, as well as loads of gold and gems!

He finds a mysterious treasure map in the mail that leads him to an abandoned temple in the middle of the deepest jungle. Inside – if the document is to be believed – a magnificent treasure is supposed to be hidden, a jewel from long ago.
Such a great trophy should not go unnoticed by any adventurer of distinction, even if the way there is long and full of dangers.

Crazy Chicken indefatigable cleaves through narrow tunnels and stifling, hot air with the help of his red flying balloon within a complex labyrinth that is getting more confusing the further he goes.
Grim and ruthless shapes bvlock his way to the next part of the maze. Crazy Chicken has to take care not to block access to precious gems or even his progress to the next level by carelessly moving rocks and stones.

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