Crazy Chicken's second adventure on the Nintendo DSTM

Crazy Chicken has come to feel at home on the Nintendo DSTM. New adventures were bound to happen sooner or later. In Crazy Chicken Jewel of Darkness our fearless hero is lead deep underground on his quest for a mysterious treasure. In 60 levels, many dangers lie in his way, as well as loads of gold and gems!

Crazy Chicken indefatigably cleaves through narrow tunnels and stifling, hot air with the help of his red flying balloon within a complex labyrinth that is getting more confusing the further he goes. Grim and ruthless shapes block his way to the next part of the maze. Crazy Chicken has to take care not to block access to precious gems or even his progress to the next level by carelessly moving rocks and stones.

The levels can only be finished, when all monsters have been obliterated. Thanks to a wide range of methods and ammo this should not be a problem at all. Whether the respective objective has been reached can be checked on the status screen. The player’s progress is displayed on the treasure map. You can also choose if you want to continue your current game or choose an already unlocked level with the stylus. The ideal opportunity to go for remaining treasures!

Crazy Chicken Jewel of Darkness on the
Nintendo DSTM unites exciting game play with lots of action and is the number one challenge for everyone who loves adventures!

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