The successful Crazy Chicken Kart series enters its fourth round with Thunder. Eight metropolises of this world become the setting of the fastest sightseeing tour in history when seven chaotic kart drivers thunder through the streets. Whether it's Sydney, Las Vegas, Berlin, Beijing or St. Petersburg – no city is safe from Crazy Chicken and his friends.

Various play modes guarantee the purest racing fun. The Career Mode offers tons of challenges. Once the personal profile is created you are good to go. You can score lots of points in the Street Races to unlock the next engine class. In addition tons of coins can be scored by the first three positions. There more you get the more you can spend on various upgrades or new paint for your kart in the game's own shop system. The Coin Challenges are a true blessing for your virtual pocket – the coins are practically lying about the road and can be collected by skillfully maneuvering the karts. On every track there is a set amount of coins. But don’t dally because a position among the first three positions guarantees you a huge increase in coins.
Three engine classes bring you lots of variety and extend the tracks difficulty with every race. With the rise to a higher engine class comes a new challenge: In Timed Run you gain points for every second you stay under the time limit.

There’s never a dull moment in Multiplayer Mode. A perfectly tuned kart and outstanding driving skills can determine victory or defeat. The power ups can be employed most effectively in Last Man Standing Mode against up to five other players. As the saying goes, there can be only one!

Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder stands for concentrated action! Whether it's against time, Crazy Chicken's gang or a good friend, there are tons of exciting challenges to master.

(German version)

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