After an intense fight against the mighty guardian of Atlantis - Poseidon himself - the Moorhuhn comes upon a draft depicting the blueprint of a mysterious object that can imitate the power of the sun in a single sphere.

The Crazy Chicken tinkers fervently until he is holding his greatest invention up to now in his hands. He names this object the "Sun Sphere". Because of an unfortunate accident caused by his assistant the Crazy Chicken and the Sun Sphere are thrown towards the far reaches of space and time during a test run. Upon waking, Crazy Chicken finds himself in the middle of an intergalactic race known as the Star Karts challenge - with his beloved invention as the victory trophy.

Disguised as a challenger, he embarks on a quest to recover his precious Sun Sphere. To do this, he must take down a list of the universe's best racers.

Armed with the desire to return home with his Sun Sphere, he fires up his kart and takes off towards the adventure of the century...

  • Interstellar action on the wackiest race tracks across the galaxy
  • Design your individual Space Kart
  • Overcome the strongest opponents in the universe
  • Incredible power-ups and Upgrades for karts and weapons

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