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Moorhuhn and the Duden

Whether the Moorhuhn itself is proud about its reputation of employer's enemy number one, cannon fodder or practice target is unknown as it wasn't asked but it certainly got recognized: in the year 2000 the "Moorhuhnjagd" ("Moorhuhn hunt") received its own entry in the Duden, Germany's most important dictionary.

Online Championship – the first

The probably biggest and best known championship was hosted by (the website of Germany's biggest boulevard newspaper) and the television station RTL in cooperation with phenomedia. Online the would-be-hunters could register, practice and qualify.

In two special training areas the Moorhuhn itself got off lightly because wooden dummies served as targets.
Practice area 1
Practice area 2

The rewards were certainly worth the effort: you could win a customized jeep, a cruise etc. and the event was so successful that the Swiss and Austrians soon hosted their own versions.

Moorhuhn wasn't the only one fired (at)...

Panic at the management level! The Moorhuhn of course did not only appear on home computers but also on many business PCs.
It is claimed that excessive shooting at the fowl caused a loss of about 50 billion Euros per year due to lost work time. As a result many companies threatened their employees with taking disciplinary actions or even dismissals or simply cut their internet connections.

Moorhuhn 2 causes congestion

Although phenomedia thought they were prepared for a large rush on the release of the second installment the reserved server capacity wasn't sufficient by a long way.
Up to 180,000 hunters wanted to download the new game per hour. The full dozen of servers that were geared to deliver 65,000 downloads per hour broke down quickly, entire web hubs followed suit.

A rapid arms race was the only possible answer to avoid further congestion.
Within 8 days about 2.5 million games were downloaded – the number of angry managers: unknown.

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