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And today?

In 2009 the Moorhuhn is celebrating its 10th birthday.
Ten years in which the Moorhuhn has not only served as a target but also has evolved to become adventure hero, arcade star and race driver amongst other things – both offline and online – have not stopped it from being as vibrant as ever.

Over the ten years the Moorhuhn has migrated to a lot of different platforms too. After its start on the PC games for the Gameboy, Playstation 1 and 2, the Nintendo DS and mobile phones followed – and it's not going to stop there!

A global view

Although it started in Germany the Moorhuhn has spread all over the world and reached every continent: in its first decade about 15 million units of 33 different Moorhuhn games were sold worldwide, flanked by more than 80 million demo downloads and online games.

Did you know...

...that in the US the Moorhuhn made its first appearance as "Chicken Hunter" (which in fact was Moorhuhn X). It was so popular that it was the best selling jewel case game with WalMart US for 3 months in a row as well as a No. 1 position on gaming portal Boonty in January 2007.

Only later the name "Crazy Chicken" which had been used for the Moorhuhn in other English speaking countries before was adopted for the US as well.

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